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I haven't blogged for about three weeks! While I have the occasional reader, I don't think anyone's had to deal with a huge hole in their lives as a result of my absence. I could blame it on the heat or the fact that we're now more than halfway through the year and I've taken a total of one day of vacation so far. But I guess I don't have any real reason other than I just didn't feel like it.

STP Concert Videos

The Stone Temple Pilots concert this past Saturday ROCKED! See my videos on YouTube for proof, you skeptics. I didn't see them "back in the day" so it was great to finally get the chance. Only two things could have made it better - new songs (where are they, guys?) and reasonable prices for beer (they were $10 for a 24 oz Shiner). But as I said before, I'm not much of a ranter so I'll leave it at that.

I just got an email from Sound Stage Direct, one of my favorite online record stores, which said the vinyl LP record is 60 years old today (invented June 21, 1948 by Peter Goldmark). I searched good ol' YouTube and found the video below which does a good job of providing some history about the format as well as some insight into how exactly records are made. Very interesting...

Jamie I saw Mates of State this past Thursday at Warehouse Live. I've really been digging their new album, Re-Arrange Us and it was my first time to see them live. For only two people, their unique combination of keyboard, drums, and vocal harmony makes for a nice, full sound. I picked their latest up on vinyl, which overflowed my record collection into its 2nd crate. Here's a video I took of "

Once again, I packed a lot of fun into the weekend. Jamie and I went to the French Kicks concert at Walter's on Friday night with some friends. Houston's own Young Mammals (formerly The Dimes) opened and made me a fan almost instantly. It was my second time to see the French Kicks and they put on a great show yet again. I took it easy Saturday. I got a humidor for some quality cigars I recently procured and then paid another visit to my music mecca, Cactus Records.

Today I stopped by my local Sport Clips to get some more shampoo. Yes, even shaved heads need to be washed with quality shampoo. Trust me, it's that much more important when people can see every inch of your scalp. I go with the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree stuff. At first, I liked it for the tingly sensation, but I guess my head is way too cool for that now because I don't feel a thing when I use it.

The Flying Tomato

Yes, it's been over a week yet again since my last post. If I actually had some readers, this would be a bad thing. But since I don't, I guess it doesn't really matter much. If anyone does read this drivel, please leave a comment so I can feel good about myself. Actually, I don't need anyone to make me feel good about myself, but it would be nice to know you're reading this.

Thoughts on 30

As I'm staring down 30 (tomorrow at 7:01 pm Central to be exact) I should probably blog about how awful it is, but now that it's inevitable, I really don't think it's all that scary. I pretty much act like I'm six as often as I can. I've worn one of my favorite t-shirts, a He-Man ringer, for years. I just recently picked up a 'Vote Optimus 08' Transformers t-shirt, too.

I had a great time camping this weekend with some friends at Pace Bend Park next to Lake Travis, TX. For the most part, we just hung out enjoying tasty beer (Saint Arnold's Lawnmower/Summer Pilsner/Amber and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for you connoisseurs), a fine Cuban cigar, and the perfect weather. One of the highlights of the trip for me was setting a new personal record for downhill speed on our 35 mile bike ride around the lake.

So I'm up at 6:00 am on a Saturday morning about to go meet some friends for a bike ride. We'll be doing at least 25 miles, but maybe 50 if we feel up for it. Crazy I know, but there's a certain excitement around getting up early, eating a carbolicious breakfast, drinking some coffee, and hitting the road for awhile. My only real complaint is how much gear is involved in a simple bike ride.