Camping @ Pace Bend & A New Personal Record For Downhill Speed!

I had a great time camping this weekend with some friends at Pace Bend Park next to Lake Travis, TX. For the most part, we just hung out enjoying tasty beer (Saint Arnold's Lawnmower/Summer Pilsner/Amber and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for you connoisseurs), a fine Cuban cigar, and the perfect weather. One of the highlights of the trip for me was setting a new personal record for downhill speed on our 35 mile bike ride around the lake. Before that ride, my max downhill speed was somewhere between 40-45 mph. Yesterday, I topped out at 51.2 mph (can I get a "Hell yeah!"?) going down the biggest hill of the ride. I was literally shaking at the bottom of the hill from the rush. What a thrill! This one downhill made up for all the grueling climbs and the slight sunburn from the rest of the ride. I've included a picture of my bike computer as proof.

I'd say the only downside of the trip was the inconsiderate jackasses who insisted on blaring their music in the wee hours of the night both Friday and Saturday. Why do these people always listen to the crappiest music? We heard a mind-numbing mix of horrid techno and the most cliched 80's rock ballads at ridiculous volumes. I'd much prefer to go to sleep to the sounds of nature.

Today on the way out of Austin, we stopped for brunch at Magnolia Cafe. It was my first time to eat there and it's now another place on my growing list of great restaurants to visit when in our state's capital city.