My Epic 17 Mile Run & Other Moderately Fascinating Stuff

I haven't blogged for about three weeks! While I have the occasional reader, I don't think anyone's had to deal with a huge hole in their lives as a result of my absence. I could blame it on the heat or the fact that we're now more than halfway through the year and I've taken a total of one day of vacation so far. But I guess I don't have any real reason other than I just didn't feel like it. So what have I been up to? Mainly, I've been doing the work thing, going to concerts, trying to stay on my marathon training plan, and hanging out with Jamie. (Incidentally, the optional comma before the "and" is known an oxford comma and is also the name of a bad ass Vampire Weekend song...)

I guess I'll start with the concerts. I saw Harry and the Potters @ Walter's on July 8. If you're a fan of the Harry Potter books and haven't heard of this band, check them out! All of their songs are (loosely) based on the books and they are hilarious! Here's a video I took of "The Weasel". That's a guy in a squid costume jumping on stage to play the drums:

This past Friday, we saw Tilly and the Wall play at the Engine Room. Jamie is a big fan and while I've heard a few of their albums, I really like their latest, "O". Before this album, their percussion consisted of a tap dancer. Yep, the only indie rock band I know of that has a tap dancer. With "O", they added a drummer to reinforce the tap dancing. Here's the song they opened with, "Too Excited":

A local band called Wild Moccasins opened for Tilly. Like the Young Mammals, this band is another set of whippersnappers with buckets of talent. Who knew Houston had music of this caliber? I thought all we had given to the music world was sizzurp, grills, and Mike Jones' phone number ad nauseum.

My running has been going well. A couple weeks ago, Jamie and I set out midday for a 14 mile run in the Bayou Park/Memorial Park area. The heat was almost unbearable, but I did manage to finish. Jamie, being a bit more sane, cut her run short and logged eight miles. We decided that we would start our long run early this morning, so we set out around 6:45 am. We ran from my place to Terry Hershey park and ran through the park for a bit before turning around to head back. I did 17 miles in three hours and 13 minutes. Jamie turned around at mile seven so she did 14 miles. Overall, I felt pretty good, especially considering that I burned 3500 calories (that's a pound!) along the way. After the run, I ate the first of many post-run meals and took a well deserved nap. And now, I'm heading to the fridge for some well deserved beer...