MCE Conference 2015 - Automated Testing for Modern Android Applications

It was an honor to speak at and attend MCE Conference in Warsaw last week. I participated in a workshop where I learned about prototyping with Android and Arduinos. I attended talks about Groovy, Kotlin, Proguard, design, scaling apps for emerging markets, and some handy new libraries.

That alone easily makes MCE one of the best conferences I’ve been to. On top of all that, the networking with fellow speakers and attendees was a personal highlight. To everyone I met, I hope to stay in touch until our paths cross again. And I hope you caught up on your sleep!

Here are the slides from my talk on Android testing. The sample app is available on GitHub. I previously gave this talk at the Big Android BBQ back in October. In preparation for MCE, I updated the slides and sample app to use Dagger 2 and Espresso 2.

Testing on Android is still not as easy as it should be, but it is getting better. First class testing support is expected when Dagger 2 is ready for release. I can’t wait for the remaining roadblocks to be removed one by one.